Buck's Taxidermy
                                                         " A Work Of Art "
                                                              Since 1986
Owned and Operated By: Leroy {Buck} Meekins
                            ***  Here At Buck's Taxidermy We Work For You ***
                                    *** Making Your Dream Trophy A Reality ***
                         Taxidermist Professional Since 1986.  Truly  "A Work Of Art"
                                            ***   Pricing on Services page... ***
                          Buck's Taxidermy    Thanks you  for visiting our page

                                                                 Buck's Taxidermy

                                                                 3524 Millington Road  

                                                                 Clayton, Delaware 19938   

                                                                302-653-1520 & 302-438-9557    

                                               * Feel free to stop by our  Taxidermist showroom*
                                                                 Visit us on " Facebook"

                         Regular Hours Of Operation : Monday thru  Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm       
                                                 **   Usually available by phone  **   
                                     Closed  Saturdays  and Sundays unless otherwise scheduled

  Buck's Taxidermy understands  "Trophy Mounts"!
    Buck's Taxidermy  has 32  yrs.   experience in Taxidermy.

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                                        * Members of the National Taxidermy Association *

                                                Taxidermist Professional 32 yrs.                                           
                                           We look forward to doing business with you.

                                   Any questions please feel free to contact your  Taxidermist


              ~~~  Our turnaround is basically within a year or less unless otherwise stated ~~~
  Taxidermist Professional   caters to the     customer and their dreams of their mount.
         Buck's Taxidermy Invites you to 
           Check out our Facebook Page.
         It truly is a     "Work Of Art"
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